January 22, 2018

Spinach pancakes

Fresh baby spinach makes these buttermilk pancakes a lovely green color! When one of your toddlers is starting to get picky about her vegetables, you start to get more creative about how to get her to eat them. Enter, spinach pancakes! Please don't let the name frighten you at all - they are tasty and you really can't taste the spinach very much at all. All four of us ate them happily topped with a little plain Green yogurt, banana slices, and some real maple syrup. These pancakes have just a touch of sugar, so they aren't overly sweet, which to me makes them perfect for syrup, in my opinion.

This recipe will make about 12 pancakes. We like them anytime, but they'd be especially fun for holidays like St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, or Christmas. Give them a try and see what your family thinks of these fun green pancakes.

January 17, 2018

Oatmeal molasses bread

Bread baking is something that I've been wanting to do more often and become more proficient at doing well. I was working on sourdoughs until I killed my starter (must get a new one going soon), but yeasted breads and I have never really been friends. I mean, I want to do it, but I find it intimidating and a little daunting because of the amount of time it takes. Not active time really, but planning out to give enough time for kneading, rising, baking, cooling.... it can be an all day affair! So as soon as I saw that January's Fantastical Food Fight theme was oatmeal, I knew I was going to challenge myself to make a good loaf of oatmeal bread. I used this recipe as my guide, but my first loaf did not come out super (And also was dropped on the floor.... ahhhh, life with two toddlers). So, the below recipe is my slightly modified version. This loaf came out much better, but it's still not perfect. I need to keep working on it and improving my bread shaping and baking skills. This bread is slightly sweet from the molasses. It's delicious as is, but really delicious with some butter and jam. My twins love this bread. I mean they were yelling and reaching for it over the baby gate the entire time I was trying to take photos. I think it would make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich and is perfect for toasting up the next day for breakfast. The below recipe will make one loaf.

January 12, 2018

January 11, 2018

Beet hummus with feta

I'm on a bit of a hummus kick lately. I recently posted this roasted butternut squash hummus and that was super delicious, but apparently did not fully squash (pun intended) my hummus craving. This time I decided to try hummus made with beets. A friend had shared a beet hummus video with me about a year ago I've been meaning to try it and now I'm wondering why I waited so long. It's delicious and also, that color! I mean, it's so so pretty! I don't know how anyone could look at it and resist giving it at least a little try, even if they aren't huge beet fans. I didn't use a ton of beets in my recipe so it wasn't overly "beety" in flavor, but rather had that slight earthiness that beets impart. My husband and I have been eating it like the photos here and my mom and I enjoyed it on some corn tortilla chips. The kids have been eating it spread on crackers with a side of sliced grape tomatoes and pears. Everyone has been eating it and liking it! It's delicious for a light lunch or snack or an appetizer/side dish to a larger meal.