May 17, 2019

Rhubarb oatmeal bars

Sweet, tangy, and slightly spiced rhubarb filling is sandwiched between two layers of a buttery oat crumb mixture for a delicious and seasonal treat! I think all my readers know that we are big rhubarb fans in our house. I love how tangy it is and how it provides such a nice contrast in desserts, or even helps make a flavorful sauce or a lemonade. Plus it's one of the first produce items to become available in the spring after our long western New York winters. Growing up we always had a large rhubarb plant in our garden and it was a regular thing we ate each spring/early summer. It was generally used in strawberry rhubarb pie, but there are so many other uses for rhubarb!

This is not the first rhubarb bar recipe to appear on my blog - I also make these rhubarb bars (similar to lemon bars) and these rhubarb custard shortbread bars. All three are so good! These bars contain oats, so that makes them more acceptable to me to have for breakfast or a mid-morning snack with an extra mug of coffee. These bars are perfect for a party or a potluck as well because they make a nice big pan.

May 8, 2019

Honey dandelion shortbread cookies

Dandelions are a fun and easy wild edible to add into your baking and cooking. Dandelions are pretty ubiquitous and easy to identify, plus the entire plant is edible, so you don't have to worry about removing certain parts. Just make sure you are getting your dandelions from a safe places --- I avoid places that have been sprayed or treated with pesticides. I also avoid getting them from too close to the road as we have so much salt put down here in the winter. We get our dandelions from our backyard. These cookies are a fun treat for spring and summer, plus you can get kids involved with helping to pick the flowers and pick off all the petals. My kids thought this was a fun project and the cookies are also quite delicious! I added a bit of honey to this shortbread to help highlight the floral flavor. The cookies are quite mild in flavor and pretty with tiny specks of yellow throughout (and a little green as well). Shortbread cookies are an easy way to add herbs and other plants into baking -- two of my other favorites are using the herb cinnamon basil and making rosemary ones at the holidays. This recipe will make about 18 cookies.

May 2, 2019

Whole wheat carrot applesauce mini muffins

Mini muffins that are perfect for toddlers, kids, and adults, too! These muffins are made with whole wheat flour, applesauce, maple syrup, and grated carrots and are a fun size for the little ones in your life. All of us enjoy a good muffin, but there's something about mini muffins that make them extra special for little kids. My toddlers helped to make this batch of muffins and they definitely helped to eat them all up, too! I've made so many muffins over the years and especially the past couple of years because my kids love them and they are an easy way to get them to eat a little bit more vegetables sometimes. Plus, they are great for quick breakfasts and snacks on the go. I served these with hard boiled eggs and fruit for breakfast and we all enjoyed that.

This recipe will make 24 mini muffins (you can make 12 regular muffins by increasing the baking time). Don't forget you can always find other baby, toddler, and kid friendly recipe ideas on my Baby & Toddler Food page or by joining my Baby & Toddler Food Recipe Share Facebook group.

April 30, 2019

May Recipe Round-Up {Recipes for Mom and Mother's Day}

May is here and that means it's time for Mother's Day and spring time recipes! This month we are sharing some of our favorite recipes for the moms in our lives. This is the time of year I really start thinking about rhubarb, eggs, asparagus, peas, and other early produce. I also think about dishes that are delicious for celebrating Mother's Day! Keep reading to see recipe ideas of breakfast, brunch, sides, main dishes, and desserts for Mother's Day and for the whole month of May.

April 25, 2019

Pork egg roll bowls

The flavors of a pork egg roll come together in a delicious stir fry perfect for topping a steaming bowl of rice. I may be late to the game with egg roll in a bowl, but I've been loving them since I discovered this quick and easy stir fry. I've been playing around with it a bit and this is the recipe I love. As the weather warms, stir fries make more appearances on our weekly menu. Meals like this are just the type of recipes I like to have in my arsenal for quick, simple, and flavorful weeknight meals. And since we typically buy pork in bulk from a local farmer, we almost always have pork in the freezer. This dish comes together quickly, especially if you shred the vegetables ahead of time. I like to use my food processor for easy shredding of the cabbage and carrots. This meal will make about 4 servings, depending on age and hunger level.